s an all round designer and web developer, Derya Bal (born July 25, 1985) was the founder of Turkmap.org, the Turkish educational website, that was visited even by Cevat Yerli while he was working on Far Cry, about making maps and modifications for video games from the early 2000s, and Oyuncu.com, one of the biggest Turkish gaming communities with more than 16,000 registered users from the mid 2000s. He worked on the first issue of Nitrogamer Magazine, and his video game maps were published by Level Magazine.

e graduated from Izmir Karatas Anatolian High School and the Business Administration and Management of Anadolu University, then worked at Reklamlar.com.tr and Sunsamreklam.com. He is also occasionally crafting creative design solutions for Gamer-market.com since 2007. Derya currently lives in Sisli, Istanbul with his Maltese Terrier named Deckard.

n this website, you can check some of the websites and logos that were designed by Derya Bal, download his video game maps, and play his parody browser game, Diablo II Web Based Game. In this game, dropped items are random when an enemy is killed. And if you are lucky, you may just catch a glimpse of the Secret Cow Level.
You can get in touch with him via email.